Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Protect the Rights of Health Care Workers; Apr 9 Deadline

From CatholicVote.org:

We have a short and simple message for you today. And we need 30 seconds of your help.

Earlier last month, the Obama administration moved to overturn an important federal regulation designed to protect the conscience rights of health care workers. This critical regulation, which President Obama is seeking to end, protects doctors, nurses and health care workers from participating in procedures such as abortion, sterilization, and other objectionable medical procedures.

Ending this protection will allow hospitals and even our own government to discriminate against doctors and medical professionals who do not want to participate in activities they find morally objectionable.

Yes, that is correct. Conscientious doctors, nurses, and other medial professionals may soon be given a stark choice - participate in abortions, sterilizations, and even embryo cloning and embryo killing research, or suffer harsh penalties.

But wait. It hasn't happened yet. For the past 28 days, the public has been given the opportunity to comment on this proposed change. Federal law mandates this comment period so that Americans like you can offer their opinion on the proposed decision. HHS officials responsible for reviewing this proposal need to hear from you before the close of business on Thursday, April 9.

Take action now! E-mail your comments directly to proposedrescission@hhs.gov - tell them to ‘retain the conscience regulations!' You may also submit your comments via a grassroots action center sponsored by the USCCB here. [Just a note: HHS will make available for public viewing all comments and the personal information (e.g. name and address) included in them.]

The United States Catholic Bishops have been vigorously fighting to protect these critical conscience regulations. We must stand with our bishops, and all people of faith, in opposing this change. We must stand up as Americans and demand that our fundamental freedoms be protected.

E-mailing the Department of Heath and Human Services will take 10 seconds! Please don't wait.

Brian Burch,

P.S. Cardinal Francis George warned that this bold move by the Obama administration could be the first step in moving our country from ‘democracy to despotism." We are asking you to spend the next 30 seconds to help make sure this does not happen. Tell the Department of Heath & Human Services to keep the conscience regulations. E-mail them now at proposedrecission@hhs.gov or visit the grassroots action center here.

For an excellent summary of the conscience issue and the proposed changes, please click here.

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